My Sweet Memaw.

     My Memaw was so much more than a great grandmother to me. I looked up to her for everything. Many will tell you, I’m a lot like her. From facial expressions, sayings, and marrying a sailor. I could remember her telling me a few weeks before things got worse, that she didn’t want to relay on  life support to keep her alive. That if God was ready for her to be home with him that he would send her home.

    Memaw is one of the many reason I am very religious and put everything in God. Every time I would visit her she would share a testimony of how God impacted her life. She would always pray for me. Before leaving, she would look me in the eyes and say ” You know I love you, right?” She always made sure you knew you loved her before you left. Saying good-bye to her was always hard for me. 

   Before texting was a big thing, Memaw knew how to. She was one of the first to text me when I got a phone. Everyday she would send me a message. Asking how I was and telling me that she loved me. Memaw would also never let you see her without any makeup on or her hair brushed.

     I always loved hearing Memaws stories. No matter how long they got to be. Certain things would stand out to me as she would share. Things I didn’t understand at the time. Things that I understand now. That have helped me grow into the woman and wife I am today. 

    Like most great grandmothers Memaw would send me home with things. One being a lighthouse necklace and cross decoration. Today, I wore the necklace for the first time. I was looking at it and flipped it over. Only to see “Sail forth with hope.” I cannot tell you how I felt when seeing that. The cross decoration is more than just a decoration. I had mentioned to her that I loved the cross. She told me to take it, that I would need it to decorate my house with. I told her no, no I’m not getting married or making a home anytime soon. She looked me in the eyes and said “sooner than you think Em.” Looking back now I see that, God was preparing me for what was coming my way. 

     Holding her hand on June 17 was one of the hardest yet easiest things I have had to do. While standing beside her brushing my fingers through her hair, and holding her hand. I felt peace. Peace that everything was going to be okay… No matter the outcome. 

 On June 17,2015 they took her off the support. Everyone that was able to came to the hospital. There were 17 of us that were able to make it to the hospital that day. She was able to breath for 17 hours on her own.


Trooper right, yeah that’s my Memaw 

    I wish I could go back and kiss her head just one more time, to hear her say I love you, and shoot yeah buddy. To see her with blue eye shadow on and teased up hair. To help her when she needed. To be by her side holding her hand. One last time. But I can’t and I’m okay with that. Because I know she’s not in pain and she with her Lord and Savior. I’m thankful to serve a God that is so much bigger than the problems she was having. 

On June 18,2015 my GREAT GRANDMOTHER  went to be with the the Lord. She was called home after 89 years of being here on Earth. She left an impact on every soul she spoke to.  She was a TRUE definition of a WOMAN OF GOD. 

Memaw I want to thank you for everything you did for our family and for myself. You taught me many lessons that I will carry with me in life. I know you love me so much. Thank you for reminding me. 




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