Thank You Momma

love knows no distance

   “The love between a mother and daughter knows no distance.” I didn’t fully get the meaning of this statement until I moved away from home at seventeen. She has always pushed my brother and I to do our best. To always be ourselves. To share our stories with others and pray for the people who hurt us the most. Growing up my mom would always tell me “Be yourself Emily.” “You are a sunlight in someones dark world.” There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for giving me such a supportive mom. Mom you got me ready for the real life. Thank you for being so real with me.    

 Mom you have supported me in everything. You have taught me the true meaning of what Philippians 4:13. There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I tell myself I can do this lifestyle. Because of you I know that I can be strong and be proud of it. I can be different because you have taught me and raised me to be. 

You have soaked it in me since I was a little girl that God comes first in everything. You have prayed over me since I was a baby. I can’t thank you enough for that. Because of you I have become the prayer warrior I am today. Thank you for taking me to church when I was little up until I left home. I didn’t know how big of a priority it would actually be to me.  

Growing up with my mom being a travel nurse was hard for me but I see why I put through it. It got me ready for the military life I am living now. I loved traveling the world with my family. My brother and I are so grateful  we have gotten to see so much of this beautiful country. We have been to so many different places because of my parents. We have crossed so many loving people along the way. We learned that we didn’t need everything in the world. We just need each other and a simple place to call home. 

Mom I can’t say it enough. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. For every piece of clothing you have bought me and for everything you have taught me. I am so thankful for the bond you and have. It’s like no other.

You are my best and will always be. 

I love you Momma,

Love your Ems




3 thoughts on “Thank You Momma

  1. My fist tears of the day. I am so proud of you Emily. I feel like you are o e of mine and to read that makes me so happy. I know one day you will also be a great mother because of everything your mom has showed you through the years. Now I must take a sinus pill to dry all this up. I love you and your mother more than you will ever know

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  2. Beautifully written! Your mom loves you very much and I think that is what drew us together in the NICU the unconditional love we have for our daughters! Your mom is such a beautiful woman whom I am fortunate enough to have met! Thank you for writing this!

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