Thank You Daddy



First I want to say I love you. I would say I don’t call you enough, but we both know that’s a lie. I call you every single time I have a question! Thank you always answering your phone when you can and for answering all my crazy questions. 

I want to thank you for being the BEST dad to Ethan and I.

We never had to go a day without. Because of you and mom; we always had food on the table,  a roof over our heads, and clean clothes to wear. When times would get rough, we all knew we would have each other.

Thank you letting us see the love you have for mom.

 You have always stood by mom and encouraged her to do what made her happy. Seeing y’all get through so much together is something I look back on. It reminds me now that Jacob and I can get through anything with prayer and love.

Thank you for teaching me how to do the dishes the “right” way.

I bet you never thought you would hear that from me. I would get so mad at you for making me rewash dishes over and over again. You were really just teaching me a lesson, of how to do things right the first time. Now that I’ve finally got the dishes down, maybe I’ll learn the lesson. 😉

I’m so glad GOD choose you to be my dad. 

Thank you for everything you do!

I love & miss you so much daddy,

Love Em



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