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Marriage/Military Advice

It’s crazy to think that Jacob has been in the Navy for almost a year! I have learned so much in these past few months of being married. I had no clue how much my life would change being a MILSO ( Military Significant Other). I’m going to share with y’all what I have learned and give some advice for new MILSO!

  1. Keep God at the center of your marriage
  2. Enjoy every moment you have together  Time we have with our loved ones is so precious.
  3. Celebrate EVERYTHING!  In the Scales household we really do celebrate EVERYTHING! We celebrate every LITTLE and BIG milestone.
  4. Find a military MILSO page   There are so many military MISO pages on Facebook and Instagram. You should be able to find one for wherever your SO (significant other) is stationed. The girls in the group are very supportive and know what it’s like to have a loved one in the military.
  5. Give yourself time  Getting married on it’s own is a big deal but…….. marrying into the military is an even bigger deal. You will need to give yourself time to comprehend everything that has happened.
  6. Learn each others love language There are five different ways your SO can express their love for you. 1. Words of affirmation 2. Quality time 3. Physical touch 4. Receiving gifts 5. Acts of service. Learning which love language your spouse and yourself are can help you both. ( I will be writing a blog going into more detail.)  
  7. Forgive each other quickly  Ephesians 4:32
  8. Remember to have fun 
  9. You don’t come first anymore It’s not all about you anymore. You have to put in account that your SO comes first. 
  10. Say I love you A L O T
  11. Put yourself in their shoes When your SO is having a bad day. Remember to put yourself in their shoes and see where they are coming from. 
  12. Take pictures I’m not saying this just because I’m a photographer!
  13.  Pray with and for each other Jacob and I pray a lot. We pray for each other and with each other. 
  14. SAY I LOVE YOU  I just had to remind y’all 🙂 IMG_1669 

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