Why I love being a wife! 

I LOVE being a wife and a homemaker. Because it’s my choice to do so. Jacob doesn’t expect me to have the house clean all the time or food cooked right when he gets home. But I don’t mind doing those things because he does so much for me. He works so hard so we can have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our backs. I love getting Jacob’s uniform ready for the next day. There’s something about getting his camos, blue shirt, and boots out that makes me feel so good inside. To pray over his uniform and to pray over him while he is sleeping. Seeing God transform him into a husband has been a beautiful thing to watch.  Jacob is so good to and loves me unconditionally. No matter how rubbery  the chicken I cook is, he still eats  it. When I’m in a bad mood he will sit with me and help me. When I’m feeling upset, he is a shoulder to cry on. When I’m sick, he does whatever he can to make me feel better. There’s nothing I would rather be than a wife to Jacob Scales. God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband. 


Cold day in Pensacola
“Hi dad”

On top of the Pensacola Lighththouse
Out getting stuff before Lilly came home!
“Jacob smile” 🙂
Naval Air Museum

Beach day with Lilly



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